Thank you for visiting this website.  Presumably you’re looking for Program Notes for your next concert, or next season — I’d be delighted to write them for you.

Look through the Archives and Samples and you’ll discover my notes which have been read and enjoyed at 100’s of concerts by thousands of people.  These are notes of genuine distinction because they’re written from my unique perspective as an active performer, researcher, and lecturer.  My notes translate what’s great about a composer and their piece of music — what makes them unique, where their place is in history, and more — into a narrative that’s intelligent, passionate, and entertaining.  Although I’ve mostly written about classical music, I would be glad to write about other genres if you need.

Contact me and let’s begin!

I have over 25 years of note writing and lecturing experience, over 30 years of musical performance experience, and a lifetime love of music of all kinds.

Thanks, and I look forward to talking with you and writing  program notes for you.

– Max Derrickson