Max Derrickson

Writing Music Program Notes for Over 20 Years

Gabrieli – Canzon a 12 (for 12 brass players in 3 choirs)

Giovanni Gabrieli   (b in Venice, c1553-6; d inVenice, August, 1612) Canzon a 12  (for 12 brass players in 3 choirs) –          Choir I: 2 trumpets, 2 trombones –          Choir II: 2 trumpets, 1 trombone –          Choir III: 1 trumpet, 2 French horns, 1 trombone, 1 bass trombone)   In a lagoon that stretches into the storied Adriatic Sea […]

Franck – Symphony in D-Minor

César Franck   (b in Liège, (then) Belgium, December 10, 1822; d in Paris, November 8, 1890) Symphony in D-Minor 1. Lento – Allegro 2. Allegretto 3. Allegretto non troppo   Of the relatively few symphonies to come out of France in the entire 19th Century, it’s ironic that Franck’s Symphony in D-Minor is one of that era’s crown […]

Foote – Irish Folk Song

Arthur Foote   (Born March 5, 1853 in Salem, Massachusetts; died April 8, 1937 in Boston)   Irish Folk Song   Arthur Foote’s fame among his contemporaries derived primarily from his work as a teacher, pianist and church organist, but also from his composing.  His musical abilities were cultivated starting at the age of 12, […]

Fauré – Pelléas et Mélisande – Suite

Gabriel Fauré   (b Pamiers, Ariège, 12 May 1845; d Paris, 4 Nov. 1924) Pelléas et Mélisande – Suite 1. Prelude: Quasi Adagio 2. Fileuse: Andantino quasi Allegretto 3. Sicilienne: Allegro molto Moderato 4. La Mort de Mélisande: Molto Adagio Amidst the immensely diverse musical styles in the dynamic close of the 19th century (recall Debussy, Richard […]

Fauré – Masques et Bergamasques Suite, Op. 112

Gabriel Fauré   (b in Pamiers, Ariège, Midi-Pyrénées, France, May 12, 1845; d in Paris, November 4, 1924) Masques et Bergamasques Suite, Op. 11 1. Overture: Allegro molto vivo 2. Menuet: Tempo di menuetto – Allegro moderato 3. Gavotte: Allegro vivo 4. Pastorale: Andantino tranquillo There are few composers who can match the sheer loveliness of Fauré’s music.  Whether […]

Falla – The Three Cornered Hat Suites No. 1 and No. 2

Manuel de Falla   (born Cádiz,Spain, 1876; died Alta Gracia, Argentina, 1946) The Three-cornered Hat,Suites 1 and  2 Introduction Part I: –          Afternoon –          Dance of the Miller’s Wife (Fandango) –          TheCorregidor, The Miller’s Wife –          The Grapes (Fandango) Part II: –          The Neighbor’s Dance (Seguidillas) –          The Miller’s Dance (Farruca) –          Final Dance (Jota) […]

Falla – Noches en los Jardines de España (Nights in the Gardens of Spain)

Manual de Falla   (b Cádiz, November 23, 1876; d Alta Gracia, Argentina, November 14, 1946) Noches en los Jardines de España (Nights in the Gardens of Spain) 1. At the Generalife 2. Distant Dance 3. In the Gardens of the Sierra de Cordoba   Spanish composer Manuel de Falla, along with Albeniz and Granados, truly defined Spanish classical […]

Falla – El Amor Brujo Suite

Manual de Falla   (b Cádiz, November 23, 1876; d Alta Gracia, Argentina, November 14, 1946) El amor brujo (Love, the Magician) Introduction and scene… In the cave Song of suffering love The specter… Dance of fear Magic circle… Midnight Ritual fire dance Scene Song of the will-o’-the-wisp Pantomime Dance of the game of love Finale… The bells of […]

Falla – Ritual Fire Dance from El Amor Brujo

Manuel de Falla (1876-1946) Ritual Fire Dance from El Amor Brujo (Love, the Magician) The exotic Danza ritual delfuego (Ritual Fire Dance) from Manuel de Falla’s well-known suite for orchestra and mezzo-soprano, El Amor Brujo (Love, the Magician), crosses the divide between life and death. Heavily imbued with folk-like melodies and Spanish flavor, the suite […]

Enescu – Romanian Rhapsodies, Op. 11, No. 1 in A Major and No. 2 in D Major

Georges Enescu (1881-1955) Romanian Rhapsodies, Op. 11, No. and No. 1 in A Major and No. 2 in D Major The written history ofRomania, like that of many European countries, began with the Romans. After they left,Romaniawas overrun by a series of invaders—the Goths, Huns, Avars, and so on. The main principalities that have remained over the […]