Handel – Selections from Water Music

by Max Derrickson

George Frederich Handel   (b February 23, 1685, Halle; d April 14, 1759, London)

Selections from Water Music


When Handel first arrived inLondonin 1712, he did so with permission of his employer, the Elector of Hanover, Georg Ludwig, with the stipulation that he return to his duties in a reasonable amount of time.    [. . .]    As told, Handel’s suite, now called his Water Music, consisted of some 22 movements, and was performed three times during that famous river tour, and to overt enthusiasm from the King and many in audience on shore and on boat.  Some selections became instant hits inLondon, and of course, have remained hugely popular through modern times.


Like Bach’s Orchestral Suites, Handel’s Water Music also emulated the French Ouverture, or collection of dances.  But unlike Bach’s, Handel’s suite employed dance music of every imaginable sort,    [. . .]