January 2

by Max Derrickson

Happy Birthday, Eric Whitacre!
(January 2, 1970 – )

American composer and conductor Whitacre has been writing solid, in fact, beautiful, pieces for chorus as well as orchestra and wind ensembles, for several decades.  He’s wonderfully talented and he’s adventurous: he’s known for his “Virtual Choir” projects, where voices from around the world are brought together online to sing with each other in a choir.  His music leans on tonality and fluidity. (See more of my music writings at www.MusicProgramNotes.com, or see my LinkedIn profile).  In lineage with the choral tradition of Palestrina, featured yesterday in the January 1 LinkedIn post, here is Whitacre’s Lux Aurumque (2000):

More Happy Birthday, Whitacre!

… a particularly beautiful orchestral piece by this soulful composer: The River Cam: