Rates (New – June 2022)

NEW RATES and Procedures

Thanks for visiting my site, and here’s to hoping we’ll be working together.

If you’re interested in having some program notes written for you, please contact me on the Contact page.  There you can provide me with some more information about what you need.



Individual Notes $75.00 (suggested) each piece
Entire Program $75.00 (suggested) each piece + additional costs (if necessary)
Sidebar Piece (negotiable)
Urgent Turnaround As above + additional $100.00

** Please Contact me to discuss.


1. Contact Me:  First, contact me through the Contact  page and generally describe your project and needs to me.  I’ll return your inquiry as soon as I can.

2. Allow Time:  I will need a reasonable amount of time to write your notes for you.

3. Invoice & Payment:  Once we’ve agreed to a final cost, I’ll e-mail you an invoice and then we can discuss your preferred method of payment.

4. Your Notes:  I will send the notes to you electronically in a Word attachment.  If you prefer, we can arrange a different method.

~~ Receiving Tax Information from Me
: If you need information from me for tax purposes, please contact me by e-mail (derricksonwm@gmail.com). ~~


The notes I write as part of our agreement are not works made for hire.  I maintain copyright ownership in them.  Once you have the notes, you have the right to print them in your program books (as well as online, if this is part of your usual method).   You have the right also to use the notes again for your orchestra or ensemble in future concerts, but you may not allow other ensembles to use them.  Your right to use the notes in this fashion is a non-exclusive right, which means that I may allow other groups to use them as well, at my discretion.


            Please give the following byline in your program books (as well as online):

“Program notes by Max Derrickson © [Year]